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Mega Man 7

Sent in by Mike Waters After Wily's last ship explodes, he falls to his hands and knees and says, "Alright Mega Man, you win. Sorry for all the trouble. I'll go quietly." At this point, Mega Man charges up his mega buster and says, "I don't trust you Wily! I gonna do what I should have done years ago!" Wily backs up saying, "You forget, Mega Man! Robots can't harm humans!" Mega Man quits charging and says, "I am more than a robot! Die, Wily!" At this point, an alarm goes off and part of the ceiling falls, pinning Wily to the floor. A small piece then bonks Wily on the head. Trebel comes down, barks, and teleports Wily out. At this point, Bass appears and says, "Too late, Mega Man! He who hesitates is lost! We shall return!" Then he also leaves and the alarm sounds again. Mega Man teleports out and then we see him walking away from Skull Castle as some great music plays in the background. Seconds after music starts, Skull Castle explodes in a fireball resembling a dragon breathing fire as the credits roll. During the credits, we see each boss robot Mega Man faced in the game, along with its designer and number. The last 2 to be displayed are Bass and Trebel. At the end of the credits, the view goes to the sky where a shooting star can be seen(probably Wily hauling his kiester outta there), then back down to Big Eddy's. Mega Man goes inside and a photo is taken. Beat flies, Rush yawns, and Auto(with his hyperbolt in) puts up his fan for the photo, which has a red dot like the Japanese flag. The final screen has the Presented by Capcom business, with a No. line at the bottom displaying the 1 on 1 fighting code (which I must admit, I paid no mind to when I first saw it).
Sent in by Rey

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