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Maximum Carnage

Sent in by Norfleet After you defeat Carnage, the Avengers arrive in a quintet to take Carnage away. Spiderman, Blackcat, and the Vision engage in a conversation while the rest of the Avengers pack Carnage away in the jet in the background. Spiderman: Be careful with this joker. Vision: We have been warned of Kasady's ability to regenerate his costume. We came equipped with a stasis container. Blackcat: I know Spidey, even though he's in Avengers custody. I don't think I'll ever feel truly safe from Carnage. Monsters like that have a way of returning! Spiderman: You need to have faith pretty lady! Next, the screen shows Spider-man walking away into the sunset thinking....... Spiderman: Some monsters stay locked up forever! And their ghosts can't haunt you unless you let them, I hope. Then a little box pops up in the corner that says: The end of maximum Carnage! OR IS IT? Then the credits roll.

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