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Magic Sword

Sent in by Mike Waters When you beat the king of evil, he offers you the orb that was the source of his dark power. If you say yes and take the orb, your hero warps and looks exactly like the former dead king of evil. It said the townspeople trusted the hero, but he got corrupted by the thought of all that power and became the new king of evil. Then it asks, "Who can save the kingdom now?" If you choose not to take the orb, the hero destroys it with his sword and Drokmar shouts, "No! You're breaking it into pieces! Now the darkness will disappear and light will reign!" (BTW, that's about the most lame game expression I've ever seen.) Sure enough, the darkness disappears and the light returns, with the hero having conquered evil... for now. Then the hero leaves the tower as the credits roll. It also includes a few fight scenes with some of the bosses with different partners present. When the hero reaches the village, all his partners are there to stand with him at the final scene where it says, "Presented by Capcom".

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