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Lufia and the Fortress of Doom

Sent in by Daniel Herriges After you kill Guard Daos, Lufia/Erim tells the hero that he has to destroy her, or else the other sinistrals will keep being revived. With some hesitation, he takes Dual Blade and attacks her. Everyone gets thrown in different directions. Doom Island begins to fall into the ocean. The hero, Aguro and Jerin warp out of the Fortress of Doom. You then see Raile Shaia in the lab and a few other people watching the island fall. It then shows the hero, Aguro and Jerin standing on the world map. The hero is depressed and begins to walk away. Aguro and Jerin decide not to stop him. Then it shows Aguro and Jerin a year later in Lorbenia. Aguro says that he knows he'll see the hero again some day. You see the hero in Arus, where the Priphea are blooming. He sees Lufia in a flowerbed, and stops, surprised. She walks over to greet him. She asks what his name is and says that she is Lufia and she lives there with her grandpa. Seeing his reaction, she asks if anything is wrong with her name. He replies that there isn't, and she goes inside to make some tea. An old man then comes out of the house. The hero asks if that girl was Lufia, and the man explains that they found her after Doom Island fell. She had amnesia, could barely speak, and can't use magic anymore. The hero is overjoyed that Lufia is alive. The old man reminds him that she's lost all her memories. He says, "That's okay. We'll make new memories." Then there are credits. At the end, it says "The End." If you wait a while, that changes to "Presented by Taito," and then to "Some day..." Then you see a screen telling you how many battles you fought, times you got killed, chests you opened, etc.

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