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Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals

Sent in by SizzleSword At the end of the game, after Selan dies and Maxim has to destroy two of the three stones, Maxim and Selan meet again... Maxim uses all of his strength to destroy the last stone, and therefore dies and is with Selan. It shows them turn into spirits, and fly around the worldWhile Maxim and Selan are in the sky watching over them, all of the people in the town look up and notice the two red and green balls. Instead of going straight to the town that their baby is at (Jeros), they fly to the town that is having a party for their victory, Portravia. Arty, Dekar, and Guy are already there, along with a lot of Maxim and Selan's friends. Maxim and Selan are above the town, hovering the sky. Arty and Guy directly know who they are, and what had happened, but Dekar hesitates before realizing that they are Maxim and Selan. Arty says "They did it for our world... Now are world will be at peace.", and Guy says "We will never see them again, but they will always be in our hearts... We will live in this world until we die, with Maxim and Selan watching over us." TDekar says "Ummm... Are those two things Sinistrals?! I thought Maxim and Selan defeated those jerks!". Arty and Guy tell Dekar "No, Dekar... Those are not the Sinistrals. Those are the two who saved the planet." Dekar pauses, looks around, and says "Huh? Then where the heck are Maxim and Selan?!" Arty and Guy tell Dekar "That is them, they are watching over us. They couldn't make it to the party, but I know that they know that we see them, and are talking about them." Dekar finally says "Oh... Well, they did the right thing. I'll always think about them, mostly when I'm polishing my sword." Maxim and Selan then go fly to Parcelyte, where Jeros is. They hover above the town, and then the credits scroll.

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