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Knights of the Round

Sent in by Mike Waters Arthur, Lancelot, and Percival recover the Grail. Merlin tells them it can save man or destroy him. Arthur chooses to use it to save the land and he forms the round table so that he and his knights can meet as equals, no knight more highly placed than another. They are called the knights of the round and their story is still told today. If you beat it in hard mode, you get a little bonus: while the credits roll, you get to see short fights between the knights and the bosses. Arthur and Lancelot fight Scorn, Lancelot and Percival take on Braford, Arthur and Percival fight Arlon, Arthur and Lancelot take on Phantom, Lancelot and Percival fight Balbars, Arthur and Percival go against Muramasa, and finally Lancelot and Arthur go at it against Garibaldi. The last screen says Presented By Capcom with the word END in the corner.

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