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Kirby Super Star

Sent in by Jon Chase

Spring Brezze

After beating King Dedede he'll be knock out of the castle. Then Kirby dances around and grows into a balloon and lifts up the castle. Then the credits roll and Kirby hops down and holds up a sign that says "NEXT".

Dnya Blade

After beating Dnya Kirby walks towards Dyna's babies. Kirby pushes them to the Tree enemy and feeds them apples. Then Dnya and her babies fly into the sunset.

The Great Cave Offensive

After beating Wham Bam Rock Kirby goes up elevators, jumps on a Warp Star and escapes. Then it shows him and the treasures.

Revenge of the Meta-Knight

After escaping the Meta-Knight's ship Kirby and Wheelie ride off. Then it shows all the abilities and helpers.

Milky-Way Wishes

After Beating Mack he flies into NOVA and explodes. Kirby then flies back to POPSTAR and it says THE END. Then it shows Kirby asleep And then the credits roll.
Sent in by King Dedede This is what happens after you beat the arena game by defeating all of the bosses. You have to face Dark Matter at the end. After you beat him, it shows Kirby holding up the Star Rod and the giant cloud of Dark Matter explodes into a humongous, blithering mess. Then it shows the cast of minor enemies, then the cast of mini-bosses, then the cast of bosses, then the cast of helpers and finally, Kirby. Then the night sky brightens with fireworks and it says THE END.
Sent in by Rey

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