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King Arthur and the Knight's of Justice

Sent in by Patrick Quiring As the mountain begins to collapse King Arthur and two knights walk out. Then you see the mountain crumble. You return to the castle where the real King Arthur says, "Arthur King, you and your valiant Knights of Justice have served the kingdom well. To you we owe our eternal gratitude. If there is anything we can do to repay you..." Then the fake King Arthur juts in and says, "You could help us get home!" The real King Arthur asks, "Merlin, can we help these noblemen home?" Merlin says, "Yes,Sire. The preparations are already well under way at Stonehenge." The fake King Arthur says, "Let's get going,then!" Then you see all the football players in their armor in the middle of Stonehenge. They get zapped, shrink, and disappear. Merlin says, "Good-bye, Arthur." Then it shows the credits and ends.

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