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Killer Instinct

Sent in by Jennifer Campbell Eyedol- He talks to a woman who thinks he is her long lost son. He clubs her on her head, thinking she is talking nonsense. Jago- He destroys Eyedol and the evil of the tournament. He goes to commune with his Tiger Spirit. T.J. Combo- He drives through the ghetto to celebrate his victory. B.Orchid- She is shown talking with a man behind a desk in the shadows. Riptor- His siblings hatch and they tear up the town. Cinder- He runs from Ultratech, who betrayed him. Glacius- He repairs his spaceship and goes home. Fulgore- He is put in a museum. Others are created to rule the world. Have a nice day. Spinal- He goes Hollywood. Thunder- He finds his brothers' grave. He mourns him and leaves. Spinal pops up from the grave and laughs. Sabrewulf- He gets his Lycanthropy disease cure and returns to his human form. To see these endings, you MUST have the difficulty set to four stars or higher! If you have it on three, you will just get the commentary screen and credits screen.

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