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Inspector Gadget

Sent in by Mike Waters After beating Dr. Claw in his 2 legged walker (by the way, I never imagined Dr. Claw to look the way he does), the wall behind you opens up and Gadget walks over to save Penny, but she fall out of the ship. Gadget jumps out after Penny, and when he catches up to her, uses the inflatable to coat to float them back down safely. They stand by the Gadget van as a paper airplane flies by Inspector Gadget. He unfolds it and reads what is written on it. This isn't the exact words, but it is close: "Here is you next assignment. Your lovable chief has been kidnapped by Dr. Claw. This message will self-destruct. P.S. Heeeeeellllllllllppppppp!!!!!!!" Then Gadget, Penny and Brain stand there as the credits go by. Lucky for Chief Quimby, wherever he is, he won't be blown up this time.
Sent in by Rey

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