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Incredible Hulk

Sent in by Eddie B. Daniels The game has 3 different endings according to what type you're playing. If you beat it on easy and normal you see a short ending. But the real fun is beating it on hard. This is the ending to the hard. After you knock the leader off the ledge (Hint: uppercut him as hulk or turn into banner and shoot him with the rifle) you find out that the leader has survive and has set his headquarters to explode with the hulk in it. As the timer ticks down the hulk jumps in his infamous hulk smash and escapes as the building is about to explode. He lands in a jungle seeing the leader escape in a some sort of ship. The big green picks up a giant boulder and hurls it the leader's ship thus sending it crashing down in flames. After words, you get a up close view the green behemoth's mug as the credits roll and you finally put your name up. One advice, after you beat the game, don't hit Start or else you will miss the ending.
Sent in by Eddie B. Daniels After beating the Leader by either uppercutting him as Hulk or shooting him off the cliff as Banner, the Leader escape with the hulk trapped inside with a time bomb set at 5 sec. The big green escape as the HQ blows up, see the leader ship and throw a boulder at the ship thus sending the leader in flames.
Sent in by Rey

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