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Illusion of Gaia

Sent in by Kris Smith After you beat the comet, you will change back into Will and Kara. The spirit of your father then appears, and tells you about the comet. He says how he is in the spirit form, because he is actually an evolved human, and Will and Kara are actually evolved too (perhaps not as much as him though). He explained that long ago, the comet manipulated the Earth and drastically sped up evolution. All people had to do was think of what they wanted, and they could created. When they used the Comet for good, animals, plants, and all that other stuff was created, but when it was learned the Comet could be used for evil, Daemons and monsters where created. Eventually, two heros, Freedan and Shadow, where created to stop the Comet. Freedan represented the Dark Power, while Shadow was the Light Power (which doesn't seem to make sense, based on his name) :) Freedan and Shadow created the Mystic Statues to stop the comet, and were able to change it's course so it would only come back every 800 years (obviously, this was 800 years ago). Will's father then explained that Will and Kara were direct decedents of them, and thus destined to defeat the Comet's evil power. At some point, Will hears the Strange Voice that came from his flute throughout his adventure, and realizes it was his Mother (she's also in Spirit form, by the way). Anyway, they go on to talk about how beautiful the Earth looked from Space, and that they wished that all of mankind could see it. Will's father explained that in the future, men would build ships to travel the stars, and all of the world would see it. Will asks his father how he can see the future, and he responds by saying that in that form, he can see the past, present, and future. Will's father then explains that the world was going to evolve, and tells Will to look at his map. It shows the map, and you see the land shift into the current positions of the world (you know, North America, South America, Asia, etc...). Will's father explains that this was how the world originally looked, but it was influenced by the comet, so it changed. He then goes on to say that after the evolution, Will and Kara will turn into normal kids. Kara asks if they will be separated, and he says yes. Then, they leave, and Kara tells Will that she wants to burn his face into her memory so that she never forgets him. Will says he will not rest until he searches the world and finds her. Then, they transform into Shadow and fly back to earth to spend the rest of the time together before they forget about each other. It then shows a big city and I think that the comet became the moon (although I'm not positive). Then, it turns to a REALLY long sequence of Will doing different stuff against a black background while the credits roll (guess there were a lot of people working on the game, since it takes like a half an hour!). First, he's running, and Lance, Erik, and Seth (although he is supposed to be dead) appear behind him... they eventually leave, and a bubble appears behind him with what looks like Edson (is that the right name?) Castle. He finds Kara and they run awhile. Then he finds Lily, and she follows behind them. They eventually drop off, and Will continues to run, doing various things and visiting various places. This includes Freejia (although it looks more like Germany with flower petals falling in it), a Mountain area (perhaps some ruins), the Dark Space (where Gaia was, only the picture looked pretty ugly), and some other places. He also sees some people along the way, like Neil. In one scene, he's on a beach, and Kara appears. The beach seen fades, and then fish appear in front of them (like on the raft). Then a bottle comes up, and Kara pretty much leaves from there... Throughout this loooooong credits screen, Will shows off his various moves. After everything is done, Will continues to run, and runs past various people he met. These include: his Grandparents, Kara's parents (the king and queen), the old man at Lily's village (the ghost guy), the Vampire couple, the Painter at the Angle Village and an angle modeling for him, Neil's Parents, the two old people in Euro who talk about the teapot, and a few others... Then you get the "Presented by Nintendo" and "Thanks for playing" messages, and it goes to a new screen. This scene looks like a modern school (sort of). I think it is supposed to be sort of an update of the beginning of the game. You see Will, only he is wearing a tee-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, and has a backpack on. Then you hear the teacher (where ever he is) say that class is over, and instead of warning them to watch out for Daemons (like the beginning), he tells them to be careful crossing the street because there had been a lot of traffic accidents lately. Then you see Will's friends (Lance, Erik, Seth, and Kara) come up (although they still have their original outfits on), and the screen darkens a bit, and a big END come up. That's it. This was a long ending.

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