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Home Alone 2 Lost in New York

Sent in by Gamegirl After the last Wet Bandit falls off the tree, Kevin starts floating down until three pigeons fly up and carry Kevin up to the pigeon lady. Kevin says "Thanks". Than Kevin's mom comes on screen with Kevin on the other side, dialogue as follows, Mom, "OH KEVIN WE WERE SO WORRIED." Kevin, "DON'T WORRY MOM, I'M FINE." Mom,"I KNOW, BUT HAVE YOU GOT SOMETHING AGAINST SPENDING CHRISTMAS WITH YOUR FAMILY?" Kevin, NO, BUT NEW YORK IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE. The scene changes, and Harry and Marv are in jail with bars in front of them. Harry says,"GRRRRRRR, LITTLE BRAT, IF I EVER GET MY HANDS IN HIM AGAIN......." Marv says,"YEAH, BUT A LEAST WE GET A TURKEY DINNER." Harry than says,"MARV, YOU TURKEY SHUT UP!" Than above Harry and Marv the words 'THE END' come up.

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