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Harvest Moon

Sent in by Eve Have 1 cow. Have more than 6 chickens. Married to Ellen. Have a child. Happiness more than 550. You milk the cow, then you brush him two times. You go to chicken coop you drop the second egg, and all the chickens get mad. You go outside, and sleep on the cow. Ellen rides on the horse. You go to the mountains with the livestock owner and Ellen, see P-chan. You see your child in your house. You see the credits and go up to the mountains to see how you did. Ellen says "I want you to be happy forever".
Sent in by Mr. Saturn You wake up, you go to the door and you mom is crying like in the start and it looks like your dad is asking you to pay up. Then it shows some scene with your wife, kids, if any for, awhile. Then you go to the top of the mountain and it says how well you did. Some of the categories are cow's love, all of girl's love. Harvested veggies. Berries. % of farm used. Yada, yada, yada. At the end of all that if gives you the RANCH MASTER RATING out of 1000. Then your wife comes up and you both leave.
Sent in by Ben Kowal Instead of the father being mad at you, if you accomplish some goals like just about everything high and you get a ranch master rating of 1000, you are allowed to keep playing, see all the endings, and have a sound test.

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