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Final Fight Guy

Sent in by Mike Waters This is the ending given on expert mode. After Belger falls and hits the ground, Haggar and Jessica embrace with this dialogue: "Daddy! I was so scared!" "I'm glad to see that they didn't hurt you. I'm so sorry, Jessica. I thought for a moment that I was going to lose you like I lost your mother. I promise that I'll never let anything bad happen to you again." "I love you, daddy." At this point, Haggar closes his eyes and smiles. Then we see Guy walking off as the credits scroll by. At the end of the credits, Jessica jogs up to Guy and calls his name. Guy stops and Jessica walks up to him, then it gets a shot of their legs. This dialogue is not exact, but it's very close. Jessica: "Where are you going? Why are you in such a hurry?" Guy walks off and says, "Never mind. I wish you and Cody luck and success." Jessica: "I will miss you." The word END pops up in the corner of the screen at this point. After entering your initials, the usual Thanks for playing Presented By Capcom screen appears, but this time in expert difficulty it gives a cute bonus: Jessica, Cody, and Guy walk onto the screen teeny tiny (cute little images). For whatever reason, Guy flips over Cody and punches him out. Cody gets back up, walks over to Jessica and kisses her, hearts floating up the screen. Haggar approaches from the right, sees them kissing, then runs back off the screen. Guy runs in super fast and runs circles around the pair, then exits the screen. Haggar comes back on, does the same stuff, and Guy comes back doing the same and so on. It's extremely humorous to watch. All the while, Cody and Jessica keep the kiss going.
Sent in by Ben Griffiths Main boss is hit out of Window, then you see him falling... big thud. Switches back to main room, Jessica goes to Haggar. Black screen with Haggar and some text (in Japanese). Switches to outside, Guy walks past palm tree's while credits scroll. At the end of the credits, the screen with Guy will say 'Now Try Next Level.'
Sent in by Rey

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