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Final Fight 3

Sent in by Mike Waters Indeed Black does get knocked into the high voltage tower, which electrocutes him. After that, the tower begins to explode. Your character runs off the roof as the building explodes. The characters then begin to talk amongst themselves. The dialogue may vary depending on the levels you went through, but it basically says the same thing. Here's the dialogue I most frequently got(difficulty set to expert): Guy: "I guess that case is closed." Lucia: "But the city is in shambles." Guy: "Well, that is a job for Mayor Haggar." Haggar: "Don't remind me, Guy." Haggar then turns to Dean who starts to walk off and says, "By the way, what do you have planned? Hey, Dean!" Dean turns and says, "My fight is over. But I won't forget that I owe you a favor." Haggar says, "Good luck, Dean. You'll always have a home in Metro City." Dean turns and starts walking again, stopping just long enough to say, "...Thanks..." as he goes. The 3 remaining heroes look to the city and exchange this dialogue: Haggar: "So he's gone." Lucia: "He's okay. He just said goodbye to his past and it is going to take a while for him to learn how to live again." Guy: "I guess that's right." Haggar: "Yeah, but I think he'll make it." At this point, the sun begins to rise and the screen goes black slowly. The next screen says, "Congratulations Thanks for playing!" The character you used is there doing their mega crush move. The final screen is the Presented By Capcom screen, where the music that has played throughout the ending, which by the way is some of the best music I've ever heard in a Super NES game, finally stops.
Sent in by Rey

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