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Final Fight 2

Sent in by Mike Waters Retu is knocked out a window, much like Belger is in Final Fight 1, except you don't get to see Retu fall. After that, Genryusai and Rena appear on the floor safely with all 3 characters around them. Maki runs to them and the 3 hug and Genryusai says that they must have had a hard time finding them. Then a picture of Carlos and Haggar is shown and Haggar says that when the Mad Gears kidnapped Jessica, Guy had helped him. Now he has repaid the debt and crushed the Mad Gear. Rena's eyes are teary as she says that Guy is still in training. Then come the credits as a letter is shown. A portion is printed on the screen, which says: "I don't know how to thank all over your friends, but I'll start by thanking you. Come home soon. I will love you always. Love, Rena." Then Guy stands looking at the sunset and says, "Thanks, guys, I owe you one. Don't worry, Rena, I'll come home soon." You only get that full ending if you beat it in expert mode. For easy mode, you see Maki and it says to try normal mode. Or normal mode, you see Carlos and Haggar and it says to try hard mode. For hard mode, you see all 3 as it says to try expert. If you beat it on expert mode, at the end of the ending, you see the 3 characters as they appear on the character select screen and it says, "Congratulations! You are a super player! Presented by Capcom."
Sent in by Rey

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