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Final Fight

Sent in by Mike Waters Just as in Final Fight Guy, Belger falls out the window after the last fight, screams and finally hits the ground. (Ouch!) Then you see Jessica and Haggar together with Haggar holding Jessica close. Dialogue between Haggar and Jessica: (Jessica) "Oh, father, I was so scared!" (Haggar) "I'm so glad to see they didn't hurt you. I'm so sorry, Jessica. I thought I'd lost you like I lost your mother. I'll never let anything bad happen to you again." Then Haggar closes his eyes and smiles as Jessica says, "I love you, father." Then we see Cody walk down the street with some great music as the credits roll. At the end of the credits, Jessica jogs up behind Cody and calls his name. Cody stops and Jessica walks up to him and it gets a view of their feet as they say this to one another: (Jessica) "Where are you going? How can you just walk away now?" (Cody) "I want to stay here with you Jessica, but I can't... not while evil still stalks the streets." (Jessica) "Oh, Cody..." Then Jessica leans up on the toes of her shoes as if she's leaning up to kiss Cody and the word END appears in the corner of the screen. The next order of business is to put in your initials if you scored high enough. The last screen says, "Thanks for playing. Presented by Capcom". After that, the game begins again.
Sent in by Rey

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