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Final Fantasy 3

Sent in by Craig Yelton After defeating the three statues and Kefka, all of the characters appear on the rocks. Terra morphs into her esper self and leads the group to an exit. "Everyone! We have to work together!" The screen fades... A book on a ledge starts flipping through it's pages. Cyan's ending: Sword He walks down a narrow bridge with Edgar following him and steps on a switch. The bridge falls and Edgar grabs onto the edge while Cyan stares at the button. "Cyan, do you think you can handle that switch?" Cyan stares, perplexed for awhile, then jumps on it and the bridge comes back up. "You just have to show technology who's boss!" Setzer's ending: Cards with all aces Setzer, Celes, and Edgar walk into a room with two doors on each side. Setzer flips a coin and it goes to the left door. Setzer stands between the two doors while Celes and Edgar run to the left door. "Wait!" Setzer shouts. He points Celes and Edgar to the door on the right. As the door on the left explodes, Setzer says "Sometimes in life you have to FEEL your way through a situation. Daryl, I'm starting to sound like you!" Sabin and Edgar's ending: Two headed coin Edgar goes up to the door in a room. He starts to pick at the lock when a big steel beam falls above him. Sabin runs to save his brother and lifts the beam. "I didn't abandon the castle, brother. I knew you were a better king so I left to train, knowing some day I would help you." The door opens. Celes, Edgar, and Setzer duck as Sabin throws the beam. "Now I know why I have these muscles!" Mog's ending: Wind-up moogles Edgar and Mog walk through a pipe. The pipe collapses and Edgar grabs and jumps to a platform. Mog grabs onto a ledge but can't pull up. "Help! Save me!" Edgar walks up to the controls and moves a hook to grab Mog. "Watch the hair!" Umaro's ending: Skull Celes tries to open a door by ramming into it. "It won't open!" Umaro smashes into the rocks to the left, making another door visible. Edgar and Celes walk through the door. Umaro stands there and flexes his muscles. Gogo's ending: Gogo Cyan, Celes, Gogo, and Setzer go into a room. The floor splits and Gogo and Celes are thrown into opposite sides. Celes tries flipping a switch. "The switches have to be press simultaneously!" Setzer jumps up. "Gogo! Do exactly what Celes does!" Celes and Gogo bat their eyes, then flip the 3 switches. Edgar, Celes, and Cyan go to the other room after the floor is connected. Celes walks to the right, making Gogo fall into a pit. Gau's ending: Swimming Helmet Celes, Edgar, and Gau and walking through a maze. "Gau find shortcut, Gau find shortcut!" Gau jumps over a wall and rides a rock down. Celes and Edgar follow. "Gau find shortcut!" Gau tosses Celes over another wall and follows. Celes and Locke's ending: Flowers from the opera Terra, still an esper runs across a unsteady bridge with Edgar and Locke following her. Celes is a little behind them. The trinket from her hair falls off and she hesitates to pick it up. She slowly put it up and the floor breaks apart. She jumps up and grabs onto a ledge. "LOCKE!" Locke dives over and grabs her. "I promise I won't let go!" He lifts her up as the room rumbles and runs her to safety. "You almost ate it trying to pick up that silly trinket!" Relm's ending: Paintbrush Relm and Strago are walking up a narrow conveyer belt. Strago trips and starts going backwards. "Grandpa! This is no time to fool around!" "I'm sorry dear." "Get moving or I draw your picture!" "No! anything but that!" Relm helps Strago up the conveyor belt. "But you know, I'd like to get your picture someday. Of course, on canvas." "Relm! How could you be thinking of pictures at this time?" Shadow's ending: An apple getting Shurukens thrown at it. (This ending happens if you DO save him.) Shadow follows Celes, Edgar, Setzer, and Sabin. He stops and interceptor tries to keep him moving. Shadow shoves the dog away, but he's too loyal and comes back. "Stay well." His final words to his only friend. He crouches as Kefka's tower collapses. "Baram, I'm not going to run away anymore. I'm going to start over." This ending happens if you don't save Shadow) Shadow's soul looks over Thasmasa. Strago's ending: The same book from the beginning. Relm and Strago are at the beginning of the Tower. The hook from the airship moves too high for Strago to reach. "No! A "kid" like me can't be defeated!" Relm boosts Strago and he gets the Hook. "Gotcha!" Terra's ending: Terra leads the group through the dungeon. She stops as her father's magicite starts to disappear. "Father?" "Terra, us espers are leaving the world forever. If you have your heart deeply attached to someone or something, you will remain on this planet as a human." The magicite disintegrates and Terra leaves. Everyone loads up onto the airship. Except Shadow, or any other characters that you didn't rescue. Terra takes flight and leads the airship. "Terra, you're beginning to lose your power!" Celes shouts. The children of the ruined village watch the sky over a water fall. A small light falls towards the ground. More children run up and they all go back to the basement. "Do it right Karen.." The characters on the airship are exhausted and collapse on the airship. "..just a little longer." Terra is lying on the front of the airship. Celes runs up to wake everyone, including her. Setzer bends over to wake up Terra. "Thank you Setzer" Setzer waves his finger, "See? This is the fastest airship in the world!" Edgars tries to hit on Celes, but is rejected. Relm comes up to him and waves. Locke goes up to stand next to Celes and smiles. Terra then goes to the front of the ship, with Celes close behind. She grabs her hair band and lets the long, green strands flap in the breeze. The ! ship glides for a very long time as the credits roll. Karen successfully delivers her newborn child. The seed that the woman and child planted starts to grow into a seedling. Seagulls lead the airship to the phantom forest where it passes by and smokes the words THE END. The Final Fantasy prelude plays as a shooting star background activates when you press Start.
Sent in by Rey

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