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Final Fantasy 2

Sent in by Derric Euperio Once you have defeated Zemorus, the five party members (Cecil, Kain, Edge, Rosa, Rydia) say goodbye to Golbez and FuSoYa and leave to the blue planet. First comes the scene of Palom and Porom where Plaom is hiding. He gets homework from the Elder. Edward is after and is at his castle. In his own words he speaks to Tellah and Anna. After that is Yang, he is the king of Fabul and is getting ready to train with his men. After that Edge appears with the people of Eblana. That the chamberlain requests hi to stop dating many girls. And then Edge whispers and runs out thinking of Rydia. Rydia is in the land of the summon monsters and is with Leviaten and Asura. Then a baby monster talks to Rydia and Rydia say something in the air to Cecil. Then Kain is on Mt. Ordeals with his helmet off and says that he can't attend the ceremony. Then Luca from the dwarves ask the king what's going to happen now and will they ever see Cecil again? The King and Luca get an invitation to the ceremony. Then in Cecil's room Rosa and Cecil are talking and Cecil hears his brothers voice and then Cid comes in and tells Rosa that they can spend time together and needed to make up. Then all of the characters you used in the game come in and greet them. (Plaom, Porom, Elder, Cid, Edge, Edward, Yand, Rydia, Luca, King Giott) And that is the end of the story.
Sent in by Rey

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