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Fatal Fury Special

Sent in by Mike Waters In this game, if you beat all 15 of the fighters without a round, you get one more fight with Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting. If you lost a round somewhere, you skip to the ending. Your character stands on a pedestal which says, "Congratulations. You and No. 1!" on it. Your character then does their victory stance. You now see an ending picture with your character. For Terry, he sits at a table eating hot dogs and says, "Hey Richard, keep 'em coming - I'm starving." Then, as the credits go by, you see short fight scenes between characters. The last screen you see is the initial screen. You get to enter your initials here and see your record(your score, number of wins, etc.) The number of wins tallies the number of fights you won without continuing between fights. For example if you beat all the characters, but lost a round and didn't get to fight Ryo, it says, "You beat 15". However, if you are really good and beat all 15 characters without losing a round, ! then got to Ryo and beat him all without continuing, in the box where it tells your wins, it says, "All Clear".

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