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Eye of the Beholder

Sent in by Elbereth After finding the Beholder on the lowest level of the caverns, the Beholder starts telling you how clever you were to find him and avoid his traps but that he is going to defeat you. There are two ways to kill him. One, do it physically...weapons and spells. This is VERY hard but it is possible. The second way is a whole lot easier. Remember the wand that you got from the dwarves for saving their king? Use this to "push" the beholder back into his room. In the second section of his room is an alcove with a shelf on it that has all of your stone items on it. I don't know what happens if you have all of them because I couldn't find the stone gem. Anyway, "push" the Beholder into this alcove and spikes will come up from the ground and kill him (if you go in there you will also get hurt.) You then automatically exit the caverns and arrive back at the castle. You see the same heroes that you saw at the beginning and you are thanked for saving the city. The warrior shakes hands with the King and the credits role.

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