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Sent in by K7 When you pray the ninth time, Giygas will begin to totally break down. The many faces in the background begin to get static interference, or something of that appearance, and Giygas will go out like turning of an old TV. After a brief silence, the music changes to a peaceful type and you will see the robots you were controlling laying at the entrance to the room with the "Devil's Machine" all of them battered up beyond repair. Then balls of light rise from each robot one at a time and leave. The scene changes to Saturn Valley where Ness's friend wait beside the lifeless bodies left after the robot transformation. The balls of light from the robots enter each of the bodies and the characters get up as if they had come back to life. Poo will demonstrate "PSI Farewell" and disappear back to his homeland. Each of the other characters receive a letter in a gift box from their friends or relatives. Jeff gets one from Tony, Paula gets one from the Preschool, and Ness gets a letter from his mother at home. Jeff stays with his father, Dr. Andonuts, and Paula will ask you to escort her home. Whether you answer yes or no, you will be able to explore all of the areas freely, although you will not be able to save your game. The same peaceful (and eventually annoying) music plays every where you go and you will not run into any enemies anywhere. Many people will thank you for saving the world (and you certainly deserve it after playing this long game). When you are ready to end the game, escort Paula home and then proceed to your house where you will get a warm welcome from Ness's mom and sister. You can choose to end the game or continue your explorations. Should you choose to end, the credits will roll after a short talk between Ness and his family. The credits will show each of the characters, even the almost insignificant ones, all in a basic order of the time you met them. You will then be able to see the pictures you took throughout your journey as the credits of the makers of the game roll by. When all is done, you will hear a loud knocking, and will once again control Ness. If you walk downstairs and open the door Pickey will appear and give you a message from Pokey saying that he will get his revenge. You know what this means. You won the battle but not the war.
Sent in by Ness Here is a list of people you should see after beating the game. Frank The Runaway Five Brick Road Carpenter The clubhouse Poo Jeff Palua The Tenda Tribe (get the shyness book back) The bike store (get a bike and ride in the deepdarkness!) Saturn Vally The bubble monkey Barney-oops not in the game Kurt Cob- never mind Lyer X Agerate Picky (he will find you)

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