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Dragon's Lair

Sent in by Mike Waters In the final stage of this long, time consuming, and sometimes frustrating game, Dirk the Daring battles Singe in the treasury deep in the castle's underground. When Singe is finally beaten, he explodes time and again for about 15 seconds or more, after which we see the brick background that has become familiar with players of the game. On that background, these words appear: "CONGRATULATIONS PLAYER ONE". The next screen has Princess Daphne kissing Dirk on the cheek while Dirk holds his sword at the ready and looks up (basically like on the label of the cartridge where he's looking up at Singe), and the two are enclosed in a heart as fireworks go off. When this scene disappears, Dirk goes through the game's first level, slashing the item containers to reveal the credits. When the credits are revealed, they remain on the screen for a few seconds and then explode like the containers do when they are hit. When Dirk reaches the exit, this password is given: 1 A 2 (blank) 3 B 4 (blank) 5 C 6 D 7 (blank) 8 (blank), which opens every level in the game (and ends up making the map of the castle looking almost as complex as a map of Bill Gates's mansion). When the player presses start at the password screen, the title screen is once again displayed.

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