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Double Dragon 5: The Shadow Fall's

Sent in by Mike Waters The tournament mode has different endings for each character depending on who you use, provided you win in at least hard difficulty. For example, Billy's ending: after the scene showing Shadow Master's beaten face, Billy is seen in a martial arts stance with many students watching him. The following text scrolls up: "Billy returned to the Dragon Dojo and continued rearing the next generation of Dragon masters." The credits then scroll and you enter your initials if you got a high score. If you beat the tournament mode at pro difficulty (you might also have to do it without continuing, I'm not sure because rarely do I ever continue on 1-on-1 fighting games anymore), after the credits and before entering your initials, a screen with the two dragons in the background appears with the following text: "You have survived the tournament and defeated all of the warriors in Metro City." Under this text, the words, "Boss Code" flash on and off, under which the elusive boss code is given. The reward is well earned, too - pro difficulty is a great test of skill. Billy's quest mode ending (pro difficulty): he stands atop a mountain in his stance as text scrolls up telling that Metro City is finally free of Shadow Master. It further says that Metro City will always be known for its prosperity and the Double Dragons. May all your battles be fought with honor! The credits roll after this, and a screen similar to the pro difficulty tournament battle screen pops up which says something similar to this: "You have completed your quest are have defeated all warriors who opposed you in Metro City." Below this, the attributes code is revealed, and finally you enter your initials. Here is the story mode ending. If you used Billy or Jimmy, the eldest dragon speaks to the Dragon you used and says, "It would appear that you have defeated the Shadow Master for now, but I fear he will return to plague the city again soon." Then the credits roll. If you used anyone else, Shadow Master declares that that member of the Shadow Warriors is worthy of his sharing his ultimate teachings with them, but they still have a long way to go to get as good as him (villains are always overflowing with arrogance, aren't they?). Then the credits roll.

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