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Donkey Kong Country 3

Sent in by Peter Escott You come in through the window. Kaos is there. KAOS: Bzzzt....fzzzzz....KONGS.....BACK? Bzzzzzt....THIS TIME....KAOS WILL BE VICTORIOUS!! You beat Kaos. A curtain opens, and K. Rool comes out. K. ROOL: Ohhhh noooo! What have you done? My wife is going to kill me! I used all her best pots and pans to make her, and then you cast him away, like he was just a stack of empty tins! DIXIE: I thought that's what he was! K. ROOL: Whaaaaaaat? How dare you! You may have roasted my robot, but I'm the master chef around here, and I reckon it's about time your goose was cooked! You then go on to beat K. Rool! After being electrocuted for the last time, he flies up into the air, and smashes through a trap door. Kaos falls down, and Donkey and Diddy jump out. DONKEY: Ohhhhhhhh eehhhhh! My head? What happened? One minute I was dreaming about the world's biggest pile of bananas, the next I was a power-crazed madman! DIDDY: Don't worry Donkey, it's over. Thanks to Dixie, it's over! I'm impressed! DONKEY: I bet even Cranky would be after that performance! Cranky comes along. CRANKY: Nope, not really! DIXIE: Right Kiddy, you go this way, and I'll go that way. They both come around to get Cranky. CRANKY: You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would ya? Cranky puts some glasses on. Then, we see Dixie Kong's photo album, which has the names of all the baddies in the game. It also has cool 3D pictures of all the bosses, except for K. Rool, who just keeps madly pressing his remote control he used during the fight. Then it's got all the bears, the animals, and the Kong family, who are actually out of their natural habitat - Funky is tossing his wrench near some wheat bags from one of the mill levels, Wrinkly is doing aerobics near an open steel door from a mill level, Swanky is still in his barrel, except on top of a trap door in the mill, and Cranky is still inside the tent, except when they take the picture, the only things showing are a black and white blurry background, Cranky, and a stuffed toy of Squitter, which makes it look like Squitter's about to get him! It also has cool things with Kiddy, who slides down some ice, smashes into a wall, shoots up a slope, and waves to you, and with Dixie, who shows off her helicopter spin as she dodges lots of Buzz guys, smashes a barrel baddie, and lands on a ledge. She poses for the camera, but Kiddy rolls into her and knocks her off. The picture is taken as she is flying off. Then, Dixie and Kiddy pull the handles of the wheel thing from the opening titles that usually say Nintendo Presents, except now they have the credits of the Crazy Kong Creators. Then, it has a TV screen with your name, time and percentage, as well as the same things for Wrinkly, Swanky, Funky and Cranky. Cranky has 103%, and is very hard to beat. It will also give you a rating depending on where you are on the chart - the only ones I've got so far are Cheesy Chimp and Puny Primate. It stays on this screen until you press a button, then it just goes to the bouncing Rareware logo and all that again.
Sent in by The 2nd ending is when you find the lost world named Kremto, and you find Boomer the bear. In order to complete Kremto, you have to get all of the bonus coins to pay Boomer. Then, when you pay him enough coins, he will blow up the boulders that block each part. Each time you complete a part, you earn a cog that Boomer puts on this machine he found. When you get near the end, Boomer jacks up the payment to 25 coins. When Kremto is complete, Boomer adds the last cog on the machine, everything turns red and hot. Then in the water, K.Rool's submarine called Knaughtless appears. Then you have to kick his big fat ass again. When your done and you have all the DK coins, go to Funkey's rentals and you get to ride the Gyro copter. Then when you find all of lost Banana Bird caves from above, go behind the clouds and you will find Moma Banana Bird. Go to Wrinkly's cave and the birds will take you back to the clouds. Then when your there, the birds free momma bird and at the end, K.Rool steals the Hoover craft and Dixie and Kiddy are on momma bird chasing old bluber butt. Finaly, K.Rool is trapped and momma bird lays an egg on top of him and the kongs are on top of him. In the back ground, Funky is riding the turbo ski and Crankey is doing ski tricks. Finally, the boat crashes and Crankey is underwater holding up a sign that says "THE END".

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