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The Death and Return of Superman

Sent in by Mike Waters After the cyborg takes the final punch, he gets back up and Superman uppercuts him one last time as he did Doomsday in the fight where he died and the cyborg explodes. After the level complete logo appears and the screen fades, a closeup of Superboy is shown. He says, "You're the real thing all right!" The man of steel is shown in a closeup next and says, "Well done, Superman... and I do mean Superman." Superboy says, "The one and only!" Superman then flies over Metropolis saying that what he has experienced defies explanation. He recaps his death at Doomsday's hands and the cyborg's attempt at world conquest, as well as his resurrection by the Eradicator. Superman says that he should feel tired, but instead he feels rejuvenated in a way he never dreamed possible and that the next time evil strikes he knows he can bring it down. After this, a few scenes are shown from the closeups, including the cyborg, the man of steel, the 3 monsters from the beginning of the game, and the cyborg's ship as the credits roll. After the credits are finished, Superman is shown standing between Superboy and the man of the steel. As Superman's and the man of steel's capes blow in the wind, Superboy stands with his arms crossed, giving thumbs ups now and then and the following text appears above them: "The world is once again safe!" After that text disappears, the words The End appear below the 3 great crimefighters.
Sent in by Rey

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