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The Combatribes

Sent in by Mike Waters After the hit that knocks Martha to the floor, the screen darkens as she fails to get back up. The next screen looks down on a tearful Martha, who says, "To tell you the truth, I was hoping you would find me. I cannot control myself. It is only you who can stop my cyborg actions. Thaaaank... yoooou..." Then she closes her eyes forever and Berzerker lifts her up and carries her as he and the other 2 Combatribes walk away (but Martha's shoes seem to have fallen off). The following text appears on the screen as the Combatribes walk off: "After Martha Splatterhead was defeated, the Combatribes disappeared, never to be seen again." Then the screen darkens as the credits from the Super NES and arcade games are displayed. Somewhere in the credits, the screen grows slightly lighter.

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