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Chrono Trigger

Sent in by Tyler The party finally defeats Lavos and the world is saved. Even though they saved the world, Frog has some unfinished business to deal with. Frog goes to Magus' gloomy castle to settle the score with him. Frog defeats Flea, Slash, and Ozzie. Frog finally gets to Magus. The screen goes black and you can hear the sword swipes, and magic being casted. The screen returns to normal and you see a figure in a cape atop Magus' castle. The figure is Frog. To get this ending you have to already have the New Game+. Then go repair the Masamune use the right telepod to warp to Lavos.
There are two ways to get this ending. Jump on the right Telepod at the beginning of the game. Don't talk to anyone and Marle will go with you. You better try this after a Game+. Make sure you equip them well, and set the Controller the way you want it before you enter the telepod. You end up at the End of Time. Each of the characters you see represent actual members of the Chrono Trigger development team. They say a variety of things: from saying hello to their family, jokes about how long and hard they worked, boasting about what they did, etc. One of them says: "Legendary Programming waiting for that Special Someone. Keep those cards and letters coming." Use the telepod as soon as you get back from 400 AD. You end up at the Fair. Some people tell Marle she is dressing normally, while others say she is in a costume. When at the Castle, the King says they have just found a 400 year old wedding movie. Frog and Queen Leene (or a descendent) are married, and Marle's father is a frog. Use the bucket at the End of Time as soon as you get there. During the credits a Nu and a Rabbit are chasing each other and doing various antics. The Nu keeps falling asleep while the Rabbit is harassing it. "THE END" has two 'Z's above it. Beat Lavos after Tata is mistaken for the hero but before you get the Hero Medal from him. The first scene shows Robo and his wife (or girlfriend) in front of the Leene Bell in the Future. The next scene shows Tata sitting on the throne with King Guardia & Leene standing around. Tata jumps off the throne, runs after Magus, only to find Chrono, Marle, and Lucca laughing at him. Beat Lavos as soon you have the Masamune. During the credits, there are a number of clips of scenes with the various characters. Most are about scenes that you wouldn't see and characters you haven't met: Chrono, Marle, and Lucca coming out of the closet in the monster village; Kino and Ayla chasing reptiles; Magus at the cove with his three henchmen; King Guuardia & Queen Leene; Frog in the Cursed Woods; and at the end Roborunning across the screen. Beat Lavos after you get the Gate Key back in 65,000,000 BC. While the credits are rolling, various still characters are displayed singular or in groups around the credits. Beat Lavos after the Masamune is repaired and Frog joins you. During the credits you see scenes of Frog. He defeats each of Magus' fiends, and then goes after Magus himself. After the battle with Magus, you see Frog standing on top of the statue above the gate to Magus' castle. Beat Lavos after you defeat Magus (Ayla will wake you up in 65M BC). The opening scene is repeated, except that Chrono and his Mother are Reptiles! When you go to the Millennial Fair, everyone there are reptiles as well, except for the Green Jogger, who is human. After the credits, Azala is alone on the screen, and "THE END" drops on her. Beat Lavos after you defeat Azala at the Tyrano castle. During the credits, you see a scene of Frog approaching a statue with two chests (does anyone know where this is from?) It is the same statue in the Dream Team ending.) You also see a number of scenes with Magus, Schala, and Janus. 1a. "Dream Team" ending (reprise) Beat Lavos at the Undersea Palace and see this ending. (See first ending). If you beat Lavos before you restore Chrono, you end up at the End of Time. Everyone is lying on the ground. You can control the characters, and when you talk the Guru, and he tells everyone that the gate is closing and they have to leave. All the other characters except Lucca and Marle leave to their respective times. Marle arrives at the Fair, walks in the Moonlight Parade by her self. She then sees the team members throughout the fair crowd. When she goes back to the north part of the fair, they are all there. The other characters go back for Chrono, and Marle sees her father, who asks her to install the new bell he has made in her honor. She is carried off by the balloons while the credits roll. She lands near a tree like the one on Death Peak, and in the distance you can see Chrono coming. Marle runs towards him and the screen fades to black. If you defeat Magus, he tells you that you have released the curse on the Frog. However, during the rest of the game, Frog looks the same. If you use the bucket to beat Lavos right after killing Magus, but without restoring Chrono, you end up at the Millennial Fair similar to the ending if you don't fight Magus. However, the only character you see in the middle part of the square is Lucca. When you go into the north part of the fair, the other characters (except for Chrono and Magus, of course) come out of the time gate. Except that Frog is now human, and Lucca thinks he is quite a hunk! The other characters go back for Chrono, and Lucca & Marle go to see the king hand the bell. Then they leave on Epoch while the king is stuck trying to hang the bell (similar to the "Family Reunion" ending Chrono.) If you crashed into Lavos with Epoch, the ending you get is almostthe same as the regular "No Chrono" ending, except that Magus doesn't appear. If you defeat Lavos after restoring Chrono, the opening scene of the game is shown, except that it is a soldier waking Chrono up, saying he will be executed. The king pretends to be upset, but then praises him for saving the past, present, and future. If you let the Chancellor out of the chest after the "Rainbow Shell" incident, he will be there; otherwise, it will be Pierre, the lawyer. Several characters appear (Doan, King Guardia from 400 AD, & Kino) saying what the team members had done. Marle realizes that these characters are her ancestors and descendants. After the Moonlight Parade at the fair, the characters assemble at the north side of the fair grounds and leave. If you didn't crash Epoch into Lavos, then Chrono's cat jumps into the time gate, followed by Chrono's mother. If you got extra cats, they all jump in together. Chrono, Lucca, and Marle take the Epoch to find them. Meanwhile, the king is stuck trying to hang the Nadia Bell. If you crashed Epoch into Lavos, then the gate closes after the team members leave, and Marle, Lucca, and Chrono talk to the King, who shows the Nadia Bell. Marle ends up holding some balloons and starts to float away. Chrono jumps on, and the two of them float away while the credits roll. (Note: if you killed Magus, he doesn't appear in this ending, but the rest is pretty much the same. Also, if you didn't get a clone before Chrono is killed, talk to the Keeper and he will tell you to go to the fair.) If you lose the fight against Lavos, you see Lavos coming out of the earth, the command center in the future collapses. Start a new game by winning the game. Then the plus sign will appear. Start the game and get Marle. Once you get her, go to the lavos gate located on the right telepod made by Lucca. Beat Lavos and get the Programmer's ending. Then sit back and watch the show! To see a funny and real cool ending, use a new game and on the right teleporter at the fair, there is a speck, don't go there yet, go there right after Schala breaks the seal Beat Lavos, then Luccca and Marle do surveys on all the male characters with marle saying what type of man she likes. Then crono comes and questions what their doing cause he though they were doing a sideshow To see the dark mage ending go through the lavos gate in Leene square after the battle on Zenan bridge before you get the Hero's meddel from Tata.
Sent in by Rey

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