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Castlevania: Dracula X

Sent in by Mike Welling The ending is mostly the same one all the time but is changed a little depending on what path you take and if you save Ritchter's girlfriend and her sister. There are three different changes. The whole ending starts out like this: after Dracula is dead and Ritchter collects the magic orb. The game start with a number of still pictures. They show Dracula becoming consumed by sunlight from the sunrise. Then the credits begin. This is where the three ending changes appear. The back ground of the credits show different pictures. The best scene is when Ritchter saves his girlfriend and her sister. The scene shows Ritchter being hugged by his girl and her sister (named Maria) look at the hugging couple. The second best scene happens when Ritchter saves Maria but not his girl. The scene shows Ritchter with Maria by his side and Ritchters girl's face shadowed in darkness above Ritchter and Maria. The worst scene is when Ritchter doesn't save ether of the women. The scene is Ritchter on horseback looking at the ruins of some building.
Sent in by Rey

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