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Captain Commando

Sent in by Mike Waters Here's the ending for hard mode. You beat Scumocide, then glass begins to fall from above. Then a blue outline of Scumocide's head appears, then fades away. Back on Earth, a bunch of TV's are in a shop with a man speaking of how the aliens were conquered. Then a big picture of Captain Commando appears from behind him and Captain Commando says, "That's right. Now maybe some amount of peace may finally be restored to our troubled planet." The man says, "Hey, who are you anyway?" CC says, "I am Captain Commando!" Then a big picture of Captain Commando's badge is shown and he, Mack the Knife, Ginzu the Ninja, and Baby Head all do some moves, then it says Game Over. Then you input your initials for the screen (if you beat a high score).

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