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Breath of Fire

Sent in by Nick Ross There's two endings here. The first one is if you don't have the Agni spell. You kill the last boss after a LONG time, and the building begins to collapse after she says she'll return. The characters fall out of the building, only to be saved by Windia's birds. You then go through the credits, only to get a thank you screen. The second is better though. If you have the Agni spell, it's a lot easier to kill her, and she looks very cool as you do. After you kill her you fall out the building, get caught by the birds, and fly back to Windia. Then everyone including the Dragon Spirit talk and start going to all the other towns where the characters return home. Finally it shows the hero walking across the land with a sunset in the background. then, a picture of Sara appears in the sky as the Hero keeps walking. After that you get the credits where it shows battles being fought. (not yours) You get the Thank-you screen and that's it.

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