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Boxing Legends of the Ring

Sent in by Mike Waters Truly beating this game is a 2 part process. First you create a boxer in career mode and take him all the way to the top ranking in The Ring magazine. When you win the match against the top ranked fighter, you get a password along with the message, "Battle of the Legends Awaits". After getting the usual stats for the fight, your fighter is shown triumphantly standing in the ring with the championship belt and it says, "Congratulations! (Insert your fighter's name (for example Mike Warhead Waters)) You are a legend of the ring!" Then it shows the credits on the purplish background that is shown on the mode select screen when you choose career, exhibition, Battle of the Legends, or options. One boxer comes on screen and throws some punches for each full screen of credits, then it goes back to the intro. At this point, pick Battle of the Legends and input the password you were given at the end of career mode. Then fight your way to the championship in this mode and you'll receive another belt. This time it gives a close-up of the belt and says, "Congratulations! (Insert fighter's name) Battle of the Legends champion!" Then it shows the credits as before. You can get the same Battle of the Legends ending using one of the computerized fighters (for example, Sugar Ray Leonard or James "Lights Out" Toney), but for ultimate challenge create a boxer first and your victory will be unquestionable.

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