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Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure

Sent in by Pierre Salva If you finished "Booger Miester" (The boss of the last stage). You will get the thing he stole from the laboratory where Boogerman is cleaning. And after Boogerman gets the thing Booger Miester will be flushed down the toilet, after booger Miester gets flushed Boogerman will return to the laboratory and he will place the thing Booger Miester stole from the laboratory inside a beaker or something and, after he's done that you will see the credits (The maker's of Boogerman). And you can do what ever you want to do to Boogerman (he will never run out off things), you can make him fart, throw booger, spit mucus and fart to fly and after the credits Boogerman will shout "Booger" and run towards the bathroom (Men's bathroom). And a monster from the toilet will spit at Boogerman when he's gone. THE END

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