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Best of The Best Championship Karate

Sent in by Mike Waters After you flatten Cogneur, the girl as usual gives you your reward, which is this time a gold belt. Then you see yourself in the money standings and on the belt rankings(at the number one spot of course). The next screen shows your boxer standing tall with the WKA championship belt under him. The next screen has a semi bluish background with your fighter's closeup on it. It says, "Congratulations! You made it! Now defend your title!" You guessed it - you get the privilege of fighting any of the fighters you choose if you wish to continue playing the game, which you might not at this point. Also, here's what happens if you beat Warrior in the kumate: Your fighter is displayed with a robe on him and a belt under him and it says, "You are the best of the best". To beat the game, it's not necessary to win the kumate, but it'll sure boost your ego.

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