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Arkanoid: Doh it Again

Sent in by Charles Manno After the final blow is delivered to Doh, he explodes, and a giant hole is left behind. Then your lives remaining are added up to 100,000 points each. Then the vaus goes to the center of the screen and the field starts to wave horizontally, and soon goes blank. The next screen shows the Vaus landing in a forest. Then a final entry is shown on the screen, and then on something that looks like a digital diary. The entry reads, "Date: The 13th Stardawn 113.9 PT. Entry:The journey is at an end! We have found our long sought home. We will never repeat the mistakes of the past. Humanity and environment will co-exist together. Doh is gone forever, banished into oblivion! I now end my final entry." Then the black part clears, the screen fades to black, and the credits roll. After the last name rolls, a large THE END is on the top-middle part. Below it, the word CONGRATULATIONS types in below THE END. Then your play time appears in hours, minutes, seconds.

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