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WWF Warzone

Sent in by John When your character wins, he will come out of the locker room and come on to the ring. Mr. McMahn will give you the WWF title belt and he will put it around your character's waist. Then three wrestlers will come out and try to beat you up. Then you will take of your belt and hit the other wrestlers on the head. Then your music will come on and you will hit Mr. McMahn. After that, you will come out of the ring and walk through the audience with the belt on your shoulder. Then it will show you all of the costumes that the character has.
Sent in by James Kakoza When you beat the game on challenge mode on hard or medium, each player unlocks a secret. Here they are: Mankind - You get to wrestle as Dude Love or Cactus Jack Bret/Owen Hart - You get to wrestle as Sue the ring girl Steve Austin - More Outfits/You get to wrestle as Rattlesnake British Bulldog/Rocky Maivia - Big Head Mode (everyone has big heads) Mosh/Thrasher - Beans Mode (every time you hit someone they burp) HHH/Shawn Michaels - Ladies Night Kane - More costumes in create a player mode Ahmed Johnson - Ego Mode Undertaker - All Meters Off Ken Shamrock/Faarooq - No Wimps Mode (No Blocking) Goldust - More Outfits

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