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WWF Wrestlemania 2000

Sent in by Matt After the Royal rumble, Vince McMahon will take the WWF Championship from you(If you currently have it) and Give it to The Undertaker (If you ARE The Undertaker, He'll give it to The Rock), Then, If you didn't win the Royal Rumble, you will fight in mid-Card Wrestlemania, if you DID Win the royal Rumble, You will Face The Undertaker/The Rock for the title, If your not Wrestling for the title or you Lose, a Camera will Circle the Ring with the Words "PLEASE TRY AGAIN" across the Screen, if You Win the WWF Championship, This will happen, If you have all the Special Wrestlers, Skip This Part If you didn't get all of the hidden wrestlers... After you win the Belt, The Music Will Play and "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels will come out and Challenge You to a Match for the belt right then in there, Defeat Shawn Michaels and he will become Selectable and then the next part happens The Camera circles the Ring with the word "CONGRATULATIONS" Across the screen, Then it will show the Credits with Every Wrestler in the game (Including the Hidden Ones)will be shown at the Wrestlemania Entrance, Then The Game Starts over.

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