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World Driver Championship

Sent in by WindyMan0 After beating the GT2 class, your car rolls into an arena with lights and a big crowd cheering. The camera rotates around the car and near a sign that says "Winner." The winning message states that you are good enough to advance to the GT1 class. If you beat the GT1 class without being ranked #1 in the world, the above sequence repeats but with the message "You are not the champion until you are #1!" If you beat the GT1 class and are #1, the sequence goes like this. The camera is high above with skyscrapers and flying helicopters. The camera goes around many skyscraper tops and flies by a "Winner" sign until it comes to your car on the top of a skyscraper. The camera rotates around it and the winning message is "You are the World Driver Champion!" Also, the words "You should start your own team!" appear at the bottom, but you don't get to do that.

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