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Vigilante 8: Second Offense

Sent in by Matt Haluza Wonderwagon You see the FBI Academy up close and Sheila comes bursting out of the doors on a skateboard with a graduation cap on. She throws the cap in the air and opens a book to reveal her first assignment. Inside there is a picture of Molo "The Bully" and a note that says "Good luck kid- Chassey". THE END Thunderbolt J.T. drives up to the Bail Bond building with a briefcase full of cash in the seat next to him. J.T. gets out and opens the trunk to reveal Nina Loco tied up in it. J.T. then drives away with the cash AND Nina since he doesn't really think Nina is that bad. THE END Stunt Cycle You see Houston/Tanyah standing in front of the FBI building at night checking her watch for the time. Suddenly three stunt cycles fly over her head as she ducks and the three siblings get out. They all slap high fives with Houston and a newspaper comes up that says "Siblings Reunited" with a picture of them all hugging each other. Grubb Dual Loader You see the garbage truck roaming through the canyons of Arizona and then the Garbage Man come out carrying the solar panels from Bob's car into a canyon with light all around it. He goes to a platform which then takes him up into the light and into a space ship! You see the clothes he was wearing drop down and then you see a funny little alien dude in the cockpit starting up the ship and next to him Bob with his helmet broken to reveal that Bob is really a... Oops, gotta have dinner, oh well, why don't you see it for yourself! THE END Moon Trekker The Moon Trekker pulls up to the Garbage Man who is on the ground unconscious. The Trekker opens up to reveal Bob O. as he climbs out and looks over the edge to see the Garbage Man has vanished. Suddenly, the Garbage Man pulls Bob over and smashes his helmet. You see Bob scream after the Garbage Man who gets away in his truck with the Solar Panels in the back. THE END Chrono Stinger Lord Clyde sits against his now recked limo as Chase gets out and picks up Clyde. Clyde gets his "cane of power" from behind his back and knocks Chase onto the dirt. Just as Clyde is about to kill him you see Obake knock out Clyde and drag him into the car. Just as Chase yells out "wait, Obake!" you see the two of them travel back through time. THE END El Guerrero Nina backs her car up to the rear of a limo. As both of the trunks open Nina delivers a huge box with a little device on the back that says "ARMED". The window in the limo opens and Don Fuego gives Nina her money. As they drive away Nina presses a switch and watches the Don's limo blow up into little pieces. Before she can make her escape she slams on the brakes to find Torque with a shotgun waiting for her... THE END Palomino XIII You see through Dallas' eyes Houston get up from her smoking car. As Dallas grabs Houston and is about to shoot Houston in the head she has the flashback of the truck diving over the cliff and suddenly she remembers. Houston screams "No!" as she does some wacky moves on Dallas and then jumps on him as you see "FATAL ERROR" in Dallas' screen. THE END Blue Burro Bus You see Molo being chased by Vertigo. Molo pulls the cord to let out his special weapon but is stunned to find it not working and to see a roller skate stuck as it blows up and sends the bus spinning. Next you see Molo with his hands behind his back and a new Sheila in a Chassey wannabe outfit with her FBI badge. THE END Samson Tow Truck You see Houston standing over Dallas 13 and then go in his car to get the time travel device. She sets it back and warps through with Convoy and her driving in the truck. She quickly turns the truck around and brings out the weapons to Clyde's surprisement.. THE END Livingston Truck You see Houston's truck pull up to a shack on the beach. Then you see Houston and Convoy knock on the number 12 door and exchange glances wondering why there is no answer. Then you see Torque answer the door and say "What's up!". Now Convoy, Houston, T.J. and....Nina are on the beach relaxing with Convoy enjoying a drink and getting his vacation. THE END Vertigo You see Agent Chase in Pennsylvania kicking the ground and throwing down his badge and breaking it. Then you see another FBI badge thrown down and Chase looks up to see Chassey and they hug. Then Chase pulls out a gadget that says "WANTED! AWOL! WANTED!" showing a picture of Chase. As 4 futuristic police cars exit time portals you see the Chrono Stinger drive away while they are being chased... THE END Excelsior Stretch Clyde wakes up in his limo in the passenger seat. He looks up to see Obake driving and him in futuristic hand cuffs. Obake puts on the time travel device and starts to pick up speed. The limo crashes into Clyde's OMAR HQ and Obake teleports out of there just in time to hear Clyde scream "Noooooo!" THE END Tsunami You see OMAR HQ burning down as Tsunami makes the press release of a new energy and the rebirth of Uzumi Power as she sets the world straight. A "newspaper" comes by with the headline "Revolutionary New Power Source Discovered" with Obake in it. THE END

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