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Top Gear Overdrive

Sent in by Dave Elves After finishing the last circuit, the game shows the Taco (hidden car) racing around (on Swampy Depot, I believe, but it may change, depending on what place you got). The words "Congratulations, you have passed all 6 circuits" will scroll up, then at the press of a button, you go back to the title screen. Finishing with all 3rds, all 2nds, all 1sts (and other strange requirements like that) Will land you some hidden cars, I believe. The credits do not show at the end, you have to select credits from the main menu at the title screen. I'm not sure if you get a car for just passing the circuit or not, because I used the all cars cheat, just to see what the extra cars were like (but I never used them, cause they were too fast to control, and most of them were too freaky looking).

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