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Sent in by Jedi The bats put on a little show for you. They chase each other around a stage. They all fall of the stage one at a time, and then you get to see the credits.
Sent in by Tony Myers These endings appear at times when you finish HALF of a game, for example, Level 10, Episode 5 in Rescue. Depending on the bot you used, you'll get a different ending. Wheels - Wheels is standing in the puzzle and a girl Wheels appears and starts chasing him. Then the two come together and kiss, and a big red heart appears. Turbine - Turbine is in the puzzle and a spaceship comes. Turbine waves good-bye, the spaceship beams him up and zooms away. Stomp - Stomp sits there feeling sad. Then a huge cake appears. Stomp stands on the cake and wears a party hat. Gyro - Gyro puts on some knight's armor and goes to face a green dragon, but the dragon licks Gyro a couple times. Gyro then climbs on the dragon's head and the dragon flies off. Gear - Gear is ready to zoom up a ramp into the air and cross a finish line at the top of a hill. He crashes into the hill, though, and backs up into a room inside the ramp and becomes a motorcycle-type robot. This time he is successful and gets a trophy. Rocket - Rocket is wandering around and finds several little rockets and one huge rocket. Rocket spins around and lights the fuse. Then Rocket grabs onto the huge rocket and the rockets blast off. At the last second Rocket jumps off and the rockets explode into fireworks. Jak - Jak stands in the puzzle and suddenly it becomes a dance floor complete with disco ball.

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