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Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Sent in by Mike Radon On easy, the skyhook will blow up. Luke and Leia will get choked up on Dash's death because he was in it when it blew. It will then say, "Did Dash Really Die? Try it on Medium or harder to find out!" It then shows the credits. Medium\hard: Same thing happens except at the end it shows the Outrider in hyperspace. Leebo doesn't understand why Dash is so happy about everyone thinking he's dead. He says, "Well one, Xizor's sent every thug in the galaxy after us but if we're dead, who's gonna be looking? And second, it's nice to be remembered as a martyr and still be alive!" Then credits. Jedi: Same thing. Before the credits it says, Congratulations! You are truly a Jedi Master!

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