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Star Wars: Rouge Squadron

Sent in by Andrew Van Horn When you get all of the gold medal in each board you will see three X-Wing flying toward the a planet. Then General Rieekan will say "We award you with this golden medal so everyone who see's you will know you."Then they will show Hobbie Klivian, Zev Senesca, Wes Janson, Dack Ralter, Kasan Moor, Wedge Antilles, and Luke Skywalker flying out in their ships. Luke and Wedge were in the X-Wings and the rest were either in the V-Wing, two speeders, a Y-Wing, and a A-Wing. Then Rieekan will say "Thanks to your courage and bravery we have someone to protect the galaxy from evil." (Or something like that.) Then they will show the credits, like who did the voices and stuff like that!

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