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Space Station: Silicon Valley

Sent in by Peter Escott When you get all the pieces of Evo's shellsuit, you can go to the ending level, Big Celebration Parade. First you have to kill an evil brain, who was driving the station and controlling the evil animals. He is now shooting a Doomsday-O-Matic Shrinky Ray at Earth. Once you kill him, you find out he was driving the station, and the station crashes into the neatly shrunken New York City. Then you have to kill heaps of animals running amok and killing people. Once you do, Dan says "I DID IT! I SAVED THE WORLD!" and takes all the credit (bastard!) and then tells you to leave. Then he says not to wait for the big finale because he sold it to pay for a new ship. Then you just see the credits, with New York City in the background, and tanks and aeroplanes everywhere. Then it just takes you straight back to the title screen.

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