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South Park 64

Sent in by Andy Goldfarb After you destroy Ultra, Mega, Mega Man (the boss of the Toys), the screen will show Cartman playing with two hand puppets, which he uses as dummies to tell him how cool he is. Then, it will show the kids back at the school. Chef will say "Congratulations, Children! You save South Park from the effects of the comet!" Then, out of nowhere, a safe will fall on top of Kenny, killing him. Chef yells "Oh no! They killed Kenny!" and then Kyle responds, "Dude, who's they? A safe fell on him..." and then Stan will agree. After that, you'll see the status of how you did on the level (Minions destroyed, tanks destroyed, etc.) and then the credits will roll. At the end of the credits, you will see all the staff members from the game "South Park-ized" to look like characters from the show.

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