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Snowboard Kids 2

Sent in by Dr. Omicron Each time you place 1st in a race, you get to see an ending theme to that particular course. Here they are, in order. When I refer to everyone, I mean Slash, Nancy, Jam, Linda, Tommy, and Wendy. SUNNY MOUNTAIN You see Damien standing there, really mad. When he's about to throw a tantrum, Slash, Jam, Wendy, Linda, and Nancy race by with rockets attached, hitting Damien. Damien faints and little ducks walk in circles above his head. When he recovers, Tommy whizzes by with a speed fan attached. He giggles like the purple dinosaur we love to hate as he passes Damien. Damien ends up getting even madder. TURTLE ISLAND Everyone stands by a small treasure chest. Slash tells Linda that there might be gold and other valuables inside. Slash shakes the chest. Linda gets impatient and Slash concludes there's no gold inside. Slash throws the chest. Camera cuts to the shadow of the chest appearing over Damien's head. Damien screams and runs to the right. The chest falls on him and we see one of those prank pop-up snakes inside. JINGLE TOWN Slash, Jam, and Linda look for Tommy, Wendy, and Nancy. When they find them, they are found by a snowman body approximately four times larger than their own height. Wendy walks to the camera, holds out a button, and the snowman head falls from the sky to land on the body. The snowman turns to its left and chases Slash and Jam off the screen. Linda stands there, disappointed. BOSS: SNOWMAN ROBOT After blowing up the snowman body in the race, everyone except Wendy stands next to the snowman head as it spins and fades away. When it disappears completely, Wendy walks on screen, holds up a button, and presses it. Everyone behind Wendy is scared, saying "No! No!" but Wendy presses it anyway. A complete giant snowman falls from the sky that looks identical to the other one Wendy made. Everyone else runs off, and a question mark appears over Wendy's head. WENDY'S HOUSE Everyone is talking, having fun. Tommy finds a giant mousetrap with cheese on it. Tommy runs up to the cheese and tries to pick it up. Eventually the metal rod slams on Tommy. Slash sees it and says "Oh no!" Everyone tries to pull Tommy out of the mousetrap, and when they do, Tommy says "Sorry." Everybody laughs. LINDA'S CASTLE Linda walks into her own castle, shocked because it's badly damaged. Slash and Jam walk on screen and laughs at Linda. Linda gets really mad and chase Slash and Jam through several rooms. Nancy and Wendy watch the chase go by, and they find Tommy eating Linda's birthday cake. CRAZY JUNGLE Nancy is standing amongst three pink butterflies, having a ball. Then, she wonders where the golden butterfly is. Jam spots it for nancy and everyone else comes to see it. Tommy, unimpressed, then stands at the far left of the screen and signals for something to come. You hear loud booming and everyone except Tommy bounces at each boom. Soon they realize that the loud noises are footsteps of a live Tyrannosaurus! The Tyrannosaurus roars, because now you have to race him! BOSS: TYRANNOSAURUS After winning the race, the Tyrannosaurus runs away, completely scared. A few seconds later, two pink and two golden butterflies come by and hover above the kids. Everyone cheers. STARLIGHT HIGHWAY Damien desperately calls for Slash, Nancy, Jam, Linda, Tommy, and Wendy on an asteroid, but no reply. Damien looks up, sees that everyone is in Wendy's flying saucer, and decides to hitchhike back to Snow Town. Wendy says "Let's go!" and zooms off. Damien gets nervous, being stranded on an asteroid like that. Damien goes "Noooo" and starts to cry. HAUNTED HOUSE Slash, Nancy, Jam, Linda, and Wendy run out of the Haunted House and stop, sweating and panting. The doors start to close and you see Tommy trying to run out, but he trips. when he gets up, he screams and runs out and off screen. Five ghosts appear in the doorway and make that sound when you ghost someone in a race. Slash says "Oh no!"Wendy then runs up to the partly-closed door, slams it shut, and puts a lock on it. Wendy says "OK!" and Slash, Nancy, Jam, and Linda cheer. When they walk off screen, Damien, still in the house with the ghosts, bangs on the door and screams. ICE LAND Nancy wonders where Damien is. Suddenly, loud mechanical noises startle everyone, and Damien in his big machine come by. Damien laughs evilly and everyone says "Oh no!" After hitting him thirteen times, Damien lies there crying with everybody around him...nevermind. The ending to the Damien boss is already on this website, look below. CREDITS Everyone's graduating! At least that's what the music sounds like. You see giant pictures fade in and fade out with people's names centered in them. At the bottom, you see the characters march from right to left in this order: Slash, Nancy, the rabbit, Jam, Linda, the crab, Tommy, Wendy, Wendy's robot, Damien, Coach, Mr. Dog, Snowman Robot, Mecha Damien, the Tyrannosaurus, and the golden butterfly. Also, you see everyone playable in Winter, Summer, Halloween, and Space suits. When the credits end, the Atlus logo appears, then the Racdym logo appears, then the game asks you to save the game or quit. Now you can play as Damien and Coach!
Sent in by Alex Scheurell Once you beat Damien you see a scene with Damien surrounded by the Snowboard Kids. Nancy comes up and says something to Damien while Slash has his back turned cause he's mad. Slash (after a while) turns around and asks to be friends. Damien says yes runs off and gets a present. Than he runs away but you can still see him. The present explodes cause it's a bomb. They all go towards Damien than chase him. The credits roll and during the credits you see pictures and the Kids and friends are below the screen in different suits in each pass.

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