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Snowboard Kids

Sent in by Mathew M. When you beat all the courses up to Dizzy-Land, you'll see your character on a stage, waving to the audience (other characters chosen randomly) with a copper pass to the right. A sentence then signs onto the bottom of the screen. It says "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON THE COPPER PASS". Finish Quicksand Valley, and you'll get the Silver Pass. Go in 1st in Silver Mountain and you'll get the Gold Pass. You'll see the credits. But that's not over yet, beat Ninja Land and sit through the credits again, and NOW you've opened up all the courses. The credits start with a red curtain. The curtain opens up and Tommy walks slowly, eating a hamburger. Then Slash comes and says "Gimme that hamburger!" Tommy votes for negative and Slash tries to pry it from his fingers. He snatches it and Nancy comes on screen. She tells Slash that the burger is Tommy's and demands that he give it back. Slash ignores Nancy and eats the hamburger. That steams Nancy, so they run for an incredibly long distance over snowbanks and hills of snow and across pine trees. Tommy then pulls out another hamburger from his pant pocket, holds it up in the air, and starts eating again. Nancy gives up but Slash keeps on running. He eventually crashes into Jam and Linda, who are polishing their snowboards. Slash starts arguing with Jam. Linda tries to settle the argument, but instead, the two pushes Linda around. Linda gets her board and starts swinging it around like a maniac. Slash gets away but Jam gets hit. They start running in the opposite direction of the first chase, and they eventually (again) meet Nancy. Slash and Jam yell "HELP HELP HELP HELP..." and push Nancy toward Linda. Linda stops swinging her board. Then Slash and Jam run away from Linda and she starts chasing them again. They accidentally run into Tommy, who's still eating his extra hamburger. Slash and Jam fall and Nancy comes running back, with Linda bringing up the rear, and everyone trips over each other. Jam taps Slash on the shoulder and everyone recovers. They then bow, and the curtain comes down. Then you see the ATLUS logo and you get lots of rewards to experience the credits. The top half of the screen is the characters themselves, while the bottom shows the names of the people. They also play some weird Christmas music at a low volume, which is appropriate because they're still on the slopes. The left edge of the snowy scenery is the fast food shop that Tommy came from, and the right edge is a log cabin with snowboards hanging from a few hooks. In between are lots of evergreen trees and mountains in the background.

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