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Shadow Man

Sent in by Brandon Cottle After shutting down the engine block of the Asylum and entering the final room, you see your dead brother, Luke, sitting in a chair. Luke tells you how scared he was that the monsters would get him. You say, "I'm sorry Luke" and hand him his teddy bear. About that time Luke begins telling you a wicked joke and his voice starts to sound demonic. Then he turns into the evil Legion, who tells you what a fool you are to bring him the dark souls and how he will kill you. Then you must fight Legion, who doesn't put up much of a fight. After he falls, he turns into his second form, a hideous, insect-like mammoth of a creature who is quite more difficult. After you defeat him the second time, the Asylum starts to crumble to pieces , and you get out alive. Then the credits roll and the game restarts.

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