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Resident Evil 2

Sent in by 4th Survivor Lean Scenario A After defeating William, you run to the emergency train, only to find it leaving without you. Claire shouts for you to come quickly, but it is too late. You notice an opening in the trains and you jump on, just as everything explodes. Sherry shouts, "Leon!" (Doesn't make sense to me since Leon doesn't see her at all before) Leon shouts, "Everybody Down! Is everybody OK?" Sherry says, "I'm fine." Leon walks into the control room and says, "Goodbye Ada." Claire Scenario A Almost identical to Leon's ending only you administer the vaccine to Sherry. Claire Scenario B After defeating the Tyrant, you start up the Train. The same thing happens in Leon's Ending, only instead of Leon saying, "Goodbye Ada." Claire says to Sherry, "I'll always be with you." All of a sudden, something goes wrong and the alarm goes off. William is not dead! He is an octopus like organism now. After 'killing' him, you try to get back in the main car, but find it locked. The train will detonate because it senses that a biological outbreak has occurred. Claire climbs on top of the train to avoid the monster's tentacles. Sherry uses a small ventilation shaft to get into the control room to press the emergency break switch. Leon climbs under the train through a larger ventilation shaft. Claire opens up an emergency door on top of the control room and tells Sherry which switch to push. She does, and all three run away from the train with the tentacles still after them. As they get out of the tunnel, the train finally detonates, supposedly killing William. You should really seeing the endings for yourself. They are great. The detail in William's tentacles is amazing. Right before the train detonates, there's a weird close-up of William's eye showing his fear, after realizing his fate.

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